• Vicki Hart

From My Heart to Yours

There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it. These words were penned by Irish Poet and Playwright, Oscar Wilde.

I recently took my grandson who is 3 years old to an amusement park. He was enjoying all of the rides and as we were walking around he spotted a play area with a swing set and slide that attracted his attention. He said, “Mimi, I want to go over there”. We were running out of time and I knew that the bumper cars were right around the corner. We didn’t have time for both, so I told him “no, there is something better around the corner”. Well he had a little attitude and stomped his foot and said again, “No, I want to go over there”. We stood there and I told him to trust me, “you will like what’s around the corner”. Reluctantly, he took my hand and as we rounded the bend, there were the bumper cars. His eyes popped and he forgot all about that play area that had so grabbed his attention.

I think this is true for us. We continue to ask and plead for something that we think we want. We may even stomp our feet and pray, “I want that”, when God has something better right around the corner. We have to trust, believe and take His hand. We may need to give up something good for something better. I truly believe that as he leads us, we will come to places where our eyes will pop. His divine guidance will always lead us to a place of abundance.

A life coach can help you see where God is leading you and help you stay focused on what is just around the corner. There are many distractions along the way. As we start a new year and a new decade, having a clear vision and focus is critical for success. Consider a life coach as a helpful partner to keep you on that path.


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